How to Order Roadside Safety Barrier

NewGuardrail is an online shop which specialises in supplying roadside safety barrier to the Australian market.

Using the shop:

You can browse and purchase your safety barrier as kits or as individual components:


  • Select the state in which you will be using the components.
  • Select the category of kit you require. You will have a choice of Roadside Barrier Kits, Public Domain Terminal Kits, Proprietary Roadside Terminal Kits or Bridge Approach Kits.
  • A choice of kits for that category will be displayed.
  • Select the kit you require.
    1. You can purchase multiple full kits or add or subtract individual components from each kit to match your requirements.
    2. If in doubt about the where the individual components are used within the kit you can click on the Kit Documents section and open an isometric drawing or detail drawing of that kit.
  • Once you have chosen your items and quantities required, add those items to the cart and return to the Kit selection area for your state to purchase other items.

Individual Components:
Alternatively, you may choose to browse and purchase individual components.

Access to the individual components section is made by clicking onto the words “individual components” in the script above the Australian map showing the states and territories.

This section of the site is broken up into sections showing Rail, Posts, Blockouts, Fasteners, Bridge Approach Components, Public Domain Components and Proprietary Terminal components.

  • Enter the section of your choice, choose the component and quantity, add to the cart and continue shopping.
  • Note: It is often useful to search for individual components in the “kits” section.

Checking out:

When you have selected the items you require from our shop proceed to the checkout section and follow the prompts.

If you have any problems with using our website feel free to contact us.

Further Information